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Assuituq National Park, near Broughton Island.

Caribou in the Koroc River Valley, Torngat Mountains.

Chapter 5

Ollie Itinnuar
« With regards to this meeting, it seems that we all possessed knowledge, and yet we required qablunaat to facilitate this workshop. It seems as though we were embarrassed about the knowledge that we possessed and tried to hide it. Although all the recommendations that are made are not going to be followed, I know that other people are taking back their traditional ways of doing things and we, too, could do this. I know that our way of doing things came to an abrupt end when we got religion. It was as though we were incarcerated and our thoughts were imprisoned. I think our thoughts are beginning to resurface. We still have not expressed all that we know. If we don’t get our thoughts out, then nobody is going to know about them. I think we need to start letting people know about the knowledge that we have, in order for it to be used. » (Pages 200-201)