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The melting of the sea ice near Broughton Island.

On the shore of Ungava Bay south of Killiniq.

Individual Experiences and Views on Dreams and Uqumangirniq: Iqaluit Interviews

After most of the book being devoted to the interviews held with the elders Agiaq, Pisuk and Ka&&ak, Chapter 15 puts together eleven interviews held previously with younger members of the Iqaluit community. These interviews feature Inuit men and women from various ages and walks of life: teenagers and fortysomethings, students, professionals, and homewives. These people, who voluntarily agreed to participate, are sharing their views on dreams, the most important dreams they had and their experiences of uqumangirniq. The interviewers insist particularly on that last aspect. Part testimonies, part case studies, these interviews were also used in preparing the questions asked to the elders in the previous chapters. Therefore, some of the stories here have been previously discussed in more generic terms.

Commonalities arising from the uqumangirniit told have already been presented in the Chapter 14 abstract and are closely analyzed in Chapter 16. For now, let us mention that most interviewees agree to grant some importance to dreams, that some dreams are more important than others, and that uqumangirniit are displeasing and frightening experiences. These interviews also unveil various aspects of Inuit culture. From illness to distress and suicide, from religious beliefs to the importance of family, the stories told allow us to better grasp some important aspects of Inuit culture.