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Hunting camp near Iqaluit.


Piruqtuit: Regional Plants

Quajautit (PLATE 1)
Rock tripe. Umbilicaria. Quajautit are found on solid rock; the word could be related to someting slippery underfoot because they become slippery when wet. Quajautit are eaten by caribou, tuktuup niqingit. Quajautit are black with a curly edge. They absorb blood when used for cleaning a wound and also pull out the eye of a boil. A spoonful of the liquid after they have been boiled is good for any sickness. They are not supposed to be eaten though. They can also be used to absorb the oil from the dried skins of baby seals.” (Page 262)
Piruqtuit: Regional Plants
With colour illustrations, this chapter offers a taxonomy of arctic plants with medicinal uses. Described and discussed are the following: moss, lichens and plants growing on the ground; herbs; shrubs and trees; berries; flowering plants; algae; as well as eggs found on the land.